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runescape speler
runescape speler

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Registration date : 24-12-08

BerichtOnderwerp: rsbot   24/12/08, 01:24 am

Complete guide to Rsbot

1. How to get RsBot
2. How to run RsBot
3. How to save .java files
4. How to Compile new scripts
5. How to add your bank pin to Rsbot

1. How to get RsBot[b]

Firstly, download the most recent version from here:<<best

Once the download has finished you will have a .zip file. This needs to be extracted. To do this download WinRAR ( and install it.

Next go to the file which you originally download, the Rsbot one. Right click it and you should see an "Extract to (name and version)" or in your documents if u put it there

After it has extract you will have a new folder called "RSBot_1_-_523_v3", go in to it and you should see something like this:

To run a non-members world double click this batch file:

To run a members world double click this batch file:

[b]If you're receiving "could not find main class" you must compile all of your files first, using the compile all.bat file.

If you are receiving an error, such as Java cannot be recognised, or you are missing tools.jar, please skip to 4. How to Compile new scripts.

Now rsbot should load and look like this.

In order to run a script you must click the Bot tab, then click run.

If this is your first time running rsbot you should now see the following image. Hit Ok.

The following box will then open up and you must put in your account information by clicking Add. Then changing the defaults. Where it says "empty" place your RuneScape username and where it says "NOT SET" place your RuneScape password.

After clicking Apply and Okay go back to Bot, then click Run again now a selection of scripts for you to use will open up, like this:

Once you've chosen a script you will have to define the arguements. This is what the bot will do, if it's a combat bot you can set it to eat, or to die and walk back to the monsters. Once you have chosen your settings and your account click Okay and the bot will log you in and get to work, provided you are in the correct place and with the correct items:D

3. How to save .java files

Found a new script you want to run but don't know what to do with it? Well I'll explain it all here

Firstly, look through the forums until you find a script you want. I'm going to use Zachafer's Auto Alcher as an example.

Copy the code which is given in the post. It's in a code tag so you can't miss it.

Next go to your Start menu, Programs, Accessories and click on Notepad, paste the code in there.

Now choose File, Save As... and look at the image below.

Next click save, make sure you save it in the Scripts folder in the rsbot folder. If not save it to your desktop, go in to your rsbot folder and find this:

Copy and paste the .java file in to there and compile your scripts. Then run rsbot and your script will be in your script selector.

4. How to Compile new scripts

In order to be able to compile scripts, using the compile all.bat you must first download Java JRE/JDK.
To download it follow this link:

Look at the image below and click download.

Next you will see this.

Agree to the terms and click continue. If you have Vista 64 bit, choose Windows x64 from the drop down menu.

Now right click the click and choose Save as.

After it's downloaded you will have to install it. Double click the icon wherever you downloaded it to
Click accept:

Then click next:

Once it's installed click Finish

ell done you've successfully installed Java JDK!

Now for the next part, compiling.

In order to compile your scripts you must first download the script in .java format. Follow part 3 on How to save .java files.
Once you have the .java file and you've added it to your scripts folder, all you need to do is compile it.

To do this you must double click the compile all.bat in your rsbot folder. If you receive an error such as Java is not recognised, or Cannot find tools.jar follow these steps.

Cannot find tools.jar and Java cannot be recognised
In order to fix this you must have already installed Java JDK. If you have you now need to set your environment variables. Follow these steps to do so:
1. Go to My Computer then choose your hard drive, go to Program Files then Java.
2. Inside the Java folder your should see another folder called jdk1.6, go in to it, then go in to the "Bin" folder.
3. Right click any file in the folder and choose properties.
4. Next to Location on the new window that pops up it will show you the path to that file, copy it.
5. Go to Control Panel then double click System, choose the advanced tab then click Environment Variables.
6. In System Variables choose "Path" and click edit.
7. Now add a Semi Colon ( ; ) to the end of whatever is in it. Then simply paste the Path you copied earlier.
8.its should look like this hit enter 3 times and restart your pc.
now that the errors are solved compile all.bat should work giving you a screen which looks similar to this

this means the scripts for rsbot were successfully compiled and you may now rune rsbot and use them Very Happy

note:if you receive any kind of error saying could it could not compile
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runescape speler
runescape speler

Aantal berichten : 3
Leeftijd : 28
RUNESCAPE NAAM : / srry zeg ik nie
Registration date : 24-12-08

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: rsbot   24/12/08, 02:22 am

:p gemaakt door my
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